Payment for UHCA Facility Membership Application

Membership dues are based on the number of licensed beds per facility. The dues structure is currently $73.60 per bed, per year ($53.00 Utah Health Care Association and $20.60 American Health Care Association portion). Dues may be paid either annually or monthly. Remittance for dues payments should be mailed to: Utah Health Care Association, 4970 South 900 East, Suite C, Murray, Utah 84117.

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  • I agree to comply with all rules and standards established by and for the members of the Utah Health Care Association (UHCA).
  • I agree to reimburse UHCA for all dues and fees owed by my organization per the payment schedule outlined in the UHCA by laws.
  • If, in the event, that my organization terminates membership in the UHCA, payment in full will be made for all dues and services rendered up to, and including the date that the written letter of notification is received by UHCA.
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