UHCA Membership

Assisting Living Member Benefits

The Utah Health Care Association (UHCA) & Utah Center for Assisted Living (UCAL) is a statewide non-profit trade association that represents skilled, post-acute care communities, Assisted Living, and ICF/ID communities. The Utah Health Care Association & Utah Center for Assisted Living provides leadership, support, and advocacy for our members and encourages the highest standard of quality in long-term care services and administration.

We help our members achieve greater understanding of the services provided in the long-term care community. In addition, UHCA|UCAL is dedicated to professional development, and strive to provide worthwhile opportunities for continuing education. Our educational events are focused on prevalent issues as well as ongoing professional development topics.

Another large primary focus of UHCA|UCAL is to present a unified voice before state legislative and administrative agencies.

UHCA|UCAL staff provide daily assistance to members in areas ranging from regulatory issues, education, legislative activities, legal advice, event planning, and group member benefits. Our staff is dedicated to our members; through our relationships we ensure that those in long term care receive the highest quality of care.

Legislature/Advocacy/Political Action

UHCA|UCAL staff and members work tirelessly to develop and maintain positive relationships with members of Utah’s Legislature as well as Utah’s Congressional delegation and their key staff. These relationships are important to ensure that our state and federal lawmakers are made aware of issues that are critical to providing quality care to our state’s frail elderly and intellectually disabled. UHCA|UCAL works closely with key members of Utah’s Legislature to ensure fair and adequate reimbursement is achieved for the long-term care profession. UHCA|UCAL keeps members apprised of local and national activities directly impacting long-term care. UHCA|UCAL partners with the American Health Care Association and its National Center for Assisted Living to monitor national legislative activities and movement.

Utah Department of Health

Utah Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) & Resident Assessment

Our on-going, proactive relationship with the Utah Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) & Resident Assessment is important because of the collaboration that brings State and Federal regulations and policies to light. Survey performs regular on-site inspections of Utah’s health care facilities participating in the Medicare and Medicaid programs to ensure compliance with federal health, treatment and safety standards. Training and education on updates to CMS’s policies and regulations are an ongoing process.

Medicaid (Health Care Financing)

Maintaining a positive relationship and open dialogue with Health Care Financing is critical to ensure adequate funding necessary for delivering quality care.

Education/Professional Development

UHCA|UCAL’s comprehensive educational programs provide on-going opportunities for training and continuing education. Workshops, seminars, leadership meetings and conventions are offered throughout the year at locations around the state. They address topics designed to keep the members updated and current on a variety of subjects ranging from Quality Assurance and leadership to other health care issues. All UHCA|UCAL continuing education opportunities are accredited by the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL). Members enjoy early invitations and reduced rates to all education events offered by the association.

Annual Events & Education

Spring Leadership Meeting – St. George, UT

Every April, UHCA|UCAL offers a dynamic long-term care leadership meeting combined with a vibrant trade show comprised of UHCA|UCAL’s professional associate members. The Spring Leadership Meeting runs roughly 2 days in length and features educational sessions designed to provide information, tools, resources, and net-working for long-term care leaders. Specializing in educational tracks, business meetings, and social functions.

Fall Convention & Showcase

This annual event, usually held in September, is UHCA|UCAL’s largest educational offering and features an ever expanding exhibitor showcase! The Convention/Showcase events run for 2 days with specialized educational tracks, scholarships and awards recognition, business meetings, social events and networking opportunities.

Educational Workshops/Seminars

UHCA|UCAL offers a wide variety of pertinent and timely educational and conference style workshops/seminars throughout the year and are provided in locations around the state. These opportunities are designed to bring members the latest information on operations, regulatory and legal issues, reimbursement, and clinical /services management. These events are also based on need and recommendation from members on pressing issues in long-term care.

Communication & Information

Members have access to current information and constant communication impacting the operation of their facilities statewide and nationally. Typically, information locally will be sent via email. You can also find more prevalent information and keep up to date on current events on the "Events” section of our website at www.uthca.org/news. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance with pressing issues or would like more information and education regarding recent events or changes.

Media/Marketing/Social Media

UHCA|UCAL is always working to educate the public on current trends in long -term care and focus on what our member facilities provide for the state's most fragile citizens’ our frail elderly and disabled. UHCA’s members provide not only long-term care but also short-term rehabilitative care for individuals who have been hospitalized and need a period of specialized medical care and/or therapies before returning home.
This is an opportunity to show on a wide scale that long- term care is an active community that will follow through on individualized care working towards a positive outcome for their resident’s.


UHCA|UCAL staff and members work closely with healthcare coalitions around the state to identify long-term care specific issues while bringing partners together in Emergency Preparedness planning. Members are encouraged to participate in their local coalition planning meetings and get involved in drill’s and exercises.

American Health Care Association

Utah Health Care Association & Utah Center for Assisted Living partners with the American Health Care Association and the National Center for Assisted Living as we share a common goal– to help our members succeed in providing the highest possible quality of care for the patients and residents they serve. American Health Care Association offers many helpful resources for members, a few of which are highlighted below.

  • Long Term Care Trend Tracker is a free service to members enabling them to examine performance on key metrics, track market trends, and enhance facility operations. You can monitor your progress on quality measures, Five-Star, AHCA Quality Initiative Goals, hospital readmission rates and more. Identify areas your organization should address in order to improve and set your own performance goals and demonstrate your dedication to quality to your patients and residents with verifiable results. You also have the ability to compare your results to facilities in your area and see you match up. To create an account contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Quality Initiative Program: The foundation of the 2015-2018 Quality Initiative is to meet measurable targets in eight areas with a focus on 3 key priorities: improvements in organizational success, short stay/post-acute care and long term/dementia care. For more information visit www.ahcancal.org.
  • Quality Awards Program: This program provides a pathway for providers of long term and post-acute care services to journey towards performance excellence. The program is based on the core values of the Baldridge Performance Excellence Program. This program is very prestigious and a great award to be presented with to show your stewardship and excellence in quality care. There are 3 award levels, Bronze, Silver & Gold. To learn more about this program and criteria visit www.ahcancal.org. AHCA offers many other resources and opportunities for education, advocacy, and Quality Improvement. Visit their website for more detail!